e-Transfer - How to send for beginners

Please place an order before following these instructions. You will need your payment instructions.

This will outline how to send an e-Transfer in step by step detail.
View your payment instructions at the top of your order email receipt or go to: https://kootenaybotanicals.ca/my-account/ under "Orders" and click the "View Receipt" button. 

Please do not add or change any information provided. Once entered, it should save a profile in your banking app for us, making future orders super easy to pay for.

To send an INTERAC e-transfer:

  1. Go into your online banking. (This can be accessed from a smartphone or desktop computer)
  2. Select INTERAC e-Transfers.
  3. You should see this list of options:

Send INTERAC e-Transfer

  • From: (Select this to choose your account you will send your funds from)
  • To: (Select this to set up your e-Transfer profile with us)
  • Amount:
  • Memo:

This may differ depending on your bank, but generally will be the same.

4. Under "To:" select "add new recipient", we are the recipient, because we are receiving the e-Transfer

5. Fill in all information:

  • Name: Our “Pay to name” (See payment instructions).
  • Select option: “Email”, and type our email from payment instructions (Make sure spelling is 100% correct, any typos will result in us never receiving it).
  • Security question:  See payment instructions.
  • Answer: See payment instructions (this is what we use to deposit your e-Transfer)

6. Once all information is entered, at the bottom of the screen click “ADD RECIPIENT”.

You should be sent back to original e-Transfer page.

7. Enter amount: (This is your order total).

8. Under memo/comments: add your 6 digit order number. (only order number please).

Click “CONTINUE”. Finally click “CONFIRM”. Your payment is now finished! When your e-Transfer is deposited by us, you will receive an email or text message from Interac confirming the pay to name deposited your funds.

Hopefully this helps, please let us know if you are still confused. You can email us at [email protected]

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